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Serving the healthcare industry with top-notch products like Occipito Anterior Bird Vacuum Cup, Soft Silicone Vacuum Cup, Occipito Posterior Bird Vacuum Cup, etc.

About Us

As there is always a necessity for some sort of medical products in the market, the healthcare industry is always expanding. Our company, Medisil Engineers which was founded in the year of 2006, has been serving the healthcare sector with various types of medical supplies as a manufacturer, supplier as well as an exporter. Because of the great quality of products we supply, our repute in the market has grown exceptionally. Soft Silicone Vacuum Cup, Occipito Anterior Bird Vacuum Cup, Occipito Posterior Bird Vacuum Cup and more items are among our offerings. In addition, for a multitude of reasons, including latest technology, distinctive design, exceptional quality, and reasonable pricing, all of our goods are in great demand in the healthcare industry.

Quality Control

To ensure that all of our clients get the best products, we have stringent quality standards in effect. Before sending the products to the clients, our highly professional team undertakes a variety of quality tests. The following are some of the procedures we implement to ensure that we maintain the utmost quality specifications:

  • We exclusively source superior quality of raw materials from the most reputable and reliable vendors of the market
  • We make sure that all of our products are thoroughly examined in compliance with best industry standards
  • We ensure that the products are packaged in high-quality materials so that they may be transported safely to the clients
  • We provide a two-year guarantee on the vacuum extractor machine and the stainless steel metal cups modified by Bird.
  • We offer a warranty of 150 autoclaving cycles for the Silicone cups and Caesarean Aid cups. 


    Our infrastructure is constructed fully according to a modern architectural style and spans a large area, allowing us to execute each activity efficiently. The infrastructure includes a cutting-edge manufacturing plant to produce a diverse product range that includes Occipito Anterior Bird Vacuum Cup, Occipito Posterior Bird Vacuum Cup, Soft Silicone Vacuum Cup and various others. We also have a solid warehouse facility as a section of our infrastructure, where the fabricated items are stored correctly after passing rigorous quality tests. All in all, we are able to provide the products to respective clients on time because the products are processed in an orderly manner in the infrastructure.

    Our Clients

    Some of our clients are mentioned below:

    • Christian Medical College, Vellore
    • Rainbow Hospital for Women and Children
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    Quality Assurance & Client Satisfaction

    Because we deal with life-saving medical equipment like Occipito Posterior Bird Vacuum Cup, Soft Silicone Vacuum Cup, Occipito Anterior Bird Vacuum Cup, etc., we are continuously on the lookout for the quality of the items that are delivered to the clients. We provide the equipment in the labour room for the delivery of the foetus and support the mother with normal delivery, therefore we pay close attention to the quality of the silicone cups, metal cups, and machine. We gratefully appreciate a few obstetricians from all around India for giving us the chance during childbirth inside the labour room to improve our cups and machine design for refining and fine-tuning. We include a provision for hanging the twin footswitch on the trolleys after use to avoid getting wet when cleaning the floor, as advised by a midwifery in a government hospital in Pondicherry. We provide a two-year guarantee on the vacuum extractor machine and the stainless steel metal cups modified by Bird. For the Silicone cups and Caesarean Aid cups, we offer a warranty of 150 autoclaving cycles. Pre-shipment, our qualified quality controllers and medical specialists do microscopic inspections on the items. We are in the process of obtaining CE marking and ISO certifications, which will validate our credentials.
    Most Popular Products
    Medisil Caesarean Aid Cup
    Applying a specifically designed Medisil Cesarean Aid Cup obviates the need for applying the forceps to deliver the fetal head at caesarean section (Unengaged fetal position) and allows gentle and controlled delivery of the baby. During Caesarean section, when the head is deeply fixed and transverse, by rotating the head get the right occipital front and place the cup on the flexion point, the baby can be delivered smoothly without fundal pressure and without pushing. Medisil C- Cup provides easy access to high floating head during repeat C-Sections, immediate assistance for failed vaginal deliveries when fetal head has descended low into birth canal. The device is flexible and atraumatic, with no damage to mother and baby.It is light and small, and easier than forceps to manoeuvre into position at Caesarean section. Also available in 55mm size and Green color