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Expert's Comment
Reported rates for assisted vaginal deliveries are showing considerable variations around the world and in India with attend towards an increase in number of vacuum Extraction deliveries eith a corresponding decrease in number of Forceps deliveries. Successful Vacuum delivery depends on number of factor all of which have to be carefully assessed before the procedure is attempted.

One of the key pre requisites is a good, reliable and consistent working condition of the vacuum extraction device and appropriate selection of the cup (Anterior, Posterior, Metal, Silicone etc). It is with reference to this aspect of the importance of instrumentation that I feel responsible and proud to be associated with M/S MEDISIL ENGINEERS, CHENNAI as a senior design consultant (ob&Gyn) & part of their research and development team.

Medisil Engineers are in the forefront in developing effective, quality & affordable innovations in their vacuum extraction devices. My passion and obsession in popularizing the art and science of instrumental delivery for the past two decades as a clinician and techer along with bio engineering brilliance of Mr. Segu Mohamed Isamil led to the unveiling of single bladed vectis for delivery of the fetal head in cesarean sections for the first time at FOGSI conference in Jaipur. We now have over 4000 practicing gynecologists from India and aboard using our entire range of products. Its because of these doctors who have been a constant driving source of patronage, encouragement and admiration that Medisil is able to constantly improve and innovate with times.
Vikram Hospital, Bangalore.

This is to certify that we have been using the Medisil Vacuum Extractor for the past 5/Years. We have found the device extremely useful in our labour room. Our usage varies from 50-60 deliveries every month. We have been using the routine metal cups as well as OP metal cups. The OP cups are quite useful for face to pubis deliveries. We would also like to add that post sales service is good
Dr. Rashmi Rao

This is to certify that we are using the vacuum Extractor Machine from MEDISIL ENGINEERS. In CMC hospital labour room number of suction cup or vacuum delivers is around 70-80 per month. We are satisfied with the machine.
CMC Vellore

This is to certify that the Vacuum Extractor provided by MEDISIL ENGINEERS, from Chennai, used regularly with satisfaction in our institute and the model used is digital model. The instrument was demonstrated and simultaneous training was given by the company person with satisfaction.
Dr. Mukhopadhyay. Prof & HOD,
Eden Hospital Kolkata Medical College.

Instrumental vaginal delivery is an art and Vacuum Delivery is preferred over forceps. In our institution vacuum delivery is about 8-10% of total deliveries. Vacuum delivery is safe both for mother and newborn and its easy to acquire this skill for safe obstetric practice.
Dr. Somajitha Chakraborty
Professor, Kolkata Medical College

This is to certify that Medisil Vaccum delivery system is very satisfactory machine I am using in government sub divisional hospital, Sagar since 2021. Hence average delivery per month 15-200 about 30% are vaccum delivered. (6000 vacuum approximately) and no failures of deliveries all these years and the machine is good condition.
Dr. Pratima
Senior specialist, Govt, Sub divisional hospital
Sagara Karnataka.

I am extremely happy to have Medisil Vacuum Extractor for the last 7 years. It is a mandatory instrument in the labour ward. It avoids many of the second stage caesarean sections. There is no need to worry about metal cups usage as for the our indication for application is correct. We use Metal cups vacuum extractor for upto 30 to 40 cases/ per month and so for we have not seen even a single maternal or neonatal complication related to metal cup.
Dr. U . Laximi Sowjanya MD., (OBG)
Life Hospital
Railway station road Nandyal (AP)

As in fact fond, lot of the changes in the spectrum of indicator over the last few decades, with the abolition of high forceps application vacuum extractor have scored over the forceps in modern obstetrics particularly when the head is low. However the use of innovative silicon cups (Medisil Make) have revolutionised delivering the heads in abdomen delivery in caesarean section. I have been using this for the last fifteen years for delivering the head of caesarean section which is very simple, avoids extension of uterine incision and more over controlled the delivery and thus could obviate gymnastics in O. T. while doing caesarean. I find it very useful for maternal as neonatal safety.
MEDICAL COLLEGE, Cuttack, Orissa

I have been using Ventouse (both silicon and metal cups) for the past 10 years. As we are facing many occipito posterior presentations because of the present life style changes. We are using ventouse (especially OP cups) to avert caesarean sections. I find the metal OP cup of Medisil very useful prolonged second stages especially after epidural analgestic.

I have been using metal vacuum cups specially Bird's modification since 8 years. Vacuum (Ventouse) application requires minimum skill and learning curve is less compared to Forceps application. Morbid fear about metal cups among younger obstetricians is uncalled for and is a result of lack of training. So called complications of metal cups are mainly due to poor decision making. I call for training younger obstetricians in the field. Unjustified increase in Cesarean rates is also attributable to reduction in instrumental delivery rates.
Dr Jayaprash Patil, DNB (OBG) Raichur

We are very happy to have the new Digital Model of Medisil Vacuum Extractor. We have been using the old Model for last ten years for all vaginal Deliveries and also during the C section with the MEDISIL cups and new digital Model appears more Safe and Better. All the best.

I have been using these metal cups since 8-10 years, they have been very useful in Occipito posterior and transverse position. I have avoided many cesarean operation by using these cups. In places where OT facilities are not available, they are really good help to the practicing obstetrician.
Dr Mohan Hande, MD (OBG),
Ranibennur, Karnataka., India

The Cesarean cup is a surgeon and baby friendly device which has made delivery of mobile head during Cesarean section much easier and incision-delivery faster. It is easy to apply and has a very short learning curve. It is flexible and a traumatic construction ensures feto maternal safety.
Dr Prabha, MD (OBG) Public Health Centre
Chennai, India

We are very happy to have Medisil Vacuum Extractor. Ive been using it since last 5 years & it is very very useful in delivery of caesarean with high floating head & difficult 2nd stage deliveries.
Dr. Swathi Mahobia., MD (OBG).,
Raipur, Chattisgarh

It's my immense pleasure to share you that we have conducted approximately 1800 vacuum deliveries in 2 years by using your MEDISIL apparaties on behalf of our duty team we appreciate your efforts in making the apparatus so effective, yet easy to case and easily approachable.
Dr. T.H. Usha (Asst. Professor)
Govt. Rajaji Hospital, Madurai